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Building upon an award winning series, the RICOH GR categorically redesigns the digital compact camera with its newly developed wide-angle lens and 16-megapixel APS-C size image sensor, all built into one of the smallest bodies in its class. Not only does the GR feature a larger sensor, its anti-aliasing filter-less design and fast lens make for incredible professional-grade imagery. Whether you’re looking for a second body to count on as a trusty sidekick, or simply want big pictures from a small camera, the GR will redefine your photography.

External viewfinder (GV-1) and Wide-angle conversion lens (GW-3) seen in the LEFT PHOTO, are optional purchases.

Fast shooting is a pleasure with the professional quality, pocket size RICOH GR. Kazumi Kurigami hit the streets of NYC with the RICOH GR!  Get yourself a RICOH GR today!


The GR lens opens up a world of expression that goes above and beyond its compact size.


The newly developed GR lens achieves the GR series' best shooting performance in the world's smallest* camera body.

This model is equipped with the wide-angle 28mm equivalent in the 35mm format GR LENS 18.3mm F2.8, which achieves both a compact size and high performance. Using uncompromising design with a superior fixed focal length of 28mm, sharp, skillful depictive performance is available from the maximum aperture f2.8.

*The world's smallest and most lightweight on cameras equipped with an APS-C size CMOS sensor. As of March 1, 2013

Sharp depictive performace all the way to the edges of the image, and beautiful defocusing effects.

In addition to a unique, newly developed lens construction, glass with high refractive index and low dispersion qualities were used, along with optimized placement of aspherical high-precision molded glass lenses for aberration removal to the utmost limits, even image quality and contrast from the center to the edges of the image, and high resolution. Coupled with a lens construction that reduces ghosting, and multi-coating on all surfaces, this lens possesses excellent resistance against backlighting. Of course distortion and chromatic aberration are reduced to an absolute minimum, for the best overall optical performance of any GR model. With sufficient aperture efficiency and a 9-bladed iris aperture, beautiful blurring effects to the edges of the image with minimal falloff are achieved. Also equipped with an ND filter that can be manually controlled for a wide range of photographic expression.


A large-format CMOS sensor for image quality equivalent to a DSLR.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity, wide dynamic range APS-C large-size CMOS sensor (Approx. 16.2 megapixels (camera effective pixels)). Improved shadow noise characteristics makes a routine high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 3200 possible (Max: ISO 25600). By making the camera low-pass filter-less, the excellent lens characteristics are used as-is, providing clear depiction all the way to the edges of the image. By designing the sensor and lens to be mutually optimized, and inclusion of a large-format sensor, the GR achieves a compact, slim body, appropriate to its namesake.

The newly developed GR ENGINE V, for remarkable image processing and expressive power.

To accommodate the newly designed APS-C size CMOS sensor, a new image processing engine, GR ENGINE V was developed. High-performance image processing algorithms suppress all types of noise, produce natural, sharp images, and suppress color saturation for specific colors that have the tendency to become saturated.

For even better image quality.

For even better image quality. With the white balance feature Multi-Pattern AUTO, compensation areas are compartmentalized, making it possible to optimize color reproduction even under multiple light sources. Additionally, with the Dynamic Range Compensation function, compensation on the pixel level is improved, and fringing of luminance borders is completely reduced. These facets come from the tireless pursuit of more faithful color reproduction, and making images look beautiful.




Compact Digital Camera



Type: CMOS Sensor
Size: APS-C
Color depth: 8 bit JPG, 12 bit RAW
Effective pixels (total pixels): 16.2MP ( )
Pixel mapping: n/a



Type/construction: Ricoh GR lens, 7 elements, 5 groups (2 aspheric elements), 9 diaphragm blades
Optical zoom: n/a, fixed prime lens
Focal length (equiv.): 18.3mm (28mm)
Digital zoom: n/a
Aperture: f/2.8 – f/16
Filter diameter: tbd

Focus System


Type: TTL contrast detection auto focus system
Sensitivity range: LV 1.5 to 17.5 (without AF assist lamp)
Focus modes: Multi AF (Contrast AF method), Spot AF (Contrast AF method), Pinpoint AF, Subject-tracking AF, MF, Snap, infinity, Face recognition priority (only in Auto mode), Continuous
Focus point adjustment: Auto, User-Selectable, Center
Focus lock: Yes
AF assist: Yes
Focus range
Normal: 11.76” to infinity
Macro: 3.9” to infinity



Viewfinder: Yes via hotshoe mounted external optical viewfinder (sold separately)

LCD Monitor


3.0" transparent LCD, w/ protective cover
LCD resolution: approx. 1,230,000 dots
LCD framerate: 60 FPS
Wide angle viewable: Yes



Type: Built-in series control auto flash
Flash modes: Auto, Flash ON, Slow-Sync, Manual, AUTO Red-Eye Flash, Flash ON Red
Eye, Slow-Sync Red-Eye
Effective range: 3.3’ - 9.8’ (auto ISO)
Guide Number: (5.4 / 100 ISO)
Flash exposure compensation: +/- 2 EV (1/3 steps)

External Flash


Type: Hot shoe TTL-A (TTL w/ pre-flash)
Synchronization speed: 1/400 sec

Storage Media


Internal memory: 54 MB
Removable memory: SD, SDHC, SDXC, Eye-Fi (X2 Series)



Ports: USB 2.0 hi-speed, AV/USB out, HDMI (Micro, Type D)
Video out: NTSC, PAL, HD (HDMI supports HD Auto, 1080p, 720p, 480p)
Microphone: Built-in monaural

Power Supply


Power source: Rechargeable Li-Ion battery DB-65 
Recordable images: Li-Ion approx. 290 (CIPA) 
Playback time: Li-Ion approx. 190 min
Movie recording time: 25 min. maximum time per clip
AC adapter available: Yes (sold separately)

Physical Specs


Body dimensions (W x H x D): 4.6” x 2.4” x 1.4”
Body weight
Without battery or removable memory: 7.6 oz (215g)
Loaded and ready: 8.6 oz (245g)
Primary construction material(s): Magnesium Alloy covers
Operating temperature: 32-104°F
Ruggedized features: n/a

Language Support


Depends on shipping destination). GRs shipped outside of Asia or Japan will include: English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek and Russian.

Metering System


Type: TTL
Sensitivity range: EV 1.8 to 17.8 (ISO 100)
Metering patterns: (multi, center, spot)
Exposure compensation: +/- 4 EV (1/3 steps)
Exposure lock: Yes. 
Exposure bracketing: +/- 2 EV (3 frames, 1/2 or 1/3 steps, individual image exposure adjustable)

ISO Sensitivity


AUTO, AUTO-HI, Manual ISO 100 – 25600

White Balance


Auto, Multi-P AUTO, Outdoors, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent 1, Incandescent 2, Daylight,Neutral White, Cool White, Warm White, Manual, Details, White Balance Bracket Function
Manual mode(s): Yes
WB fine adjustment: +/- 8 steps B-A axis or G-M axis
WB bracketing: Yes



Type: Mechanical and electronic shutter mechanism
Shutter speed: 1/4000 – 30 sec., Bulb, Time

Capture Modes


Mode selection: Auto shooting mode, Program shift mode, Aperture-Priority mode, Shutter-
Priority mode, Shutter/Aperture priority mode, Manual exposure mode, Bulb mode, Time mode, Movie, My Settings Mode.
Effects modes: B&W, B&W (TE), High Contrast B&W, Cross-Process, Positive Film,
Bleach-Bypass, Retro, Miniaturize, High-Key.
Green simplified mode available: n/a
Face Detection: AF & AE - available in Auto modes for up to 10 faces.
PAvTvTAvM: P, Av, Tv, TAv, M
Date Imprint: Yes (date, date & time)
Digital filters (capture): n/a 
Electronic level: Yes (horizontal tilt, forward-back pitch)
File/Folder customization: Embed copyright 

Drive Modes


Mode selection: Continuous shooting, Self-timer, Interval shooting, Effect bracketing, Dynamic range bracketing, Contrast bracketing, Color space setting, FA/Move Target, Dynamic range compensation, Multiple exposure shooting, Interval composite, Noise reduction, Histogram, Grid Guide, Depth-of-field indicator, Electronic level indicator.

Continuous FPS: Approx. 4 fps (RAW or JPEG) 
Multi-exposure: 2-4 shots, auto exposure adjustment, save individual images
Interval: Unlimited shots, 5s to 1h interval in 5s increments
HDR: Available as Dynamic Range Double Shot scene mode 
Cable switch: Yes (sold separately)

Playback Modes


Mode selection: Auto Rotate, Grid View, Enlarged Display (up to 16X), Slideshow, Resize, Skew Correct Mode, Level Compensation, White Balance Compensation, Trim, DPOF Setting, Color Moire Correction, Convert RAW, Clip Movie File, Save still image from movie, Eye-Fi Transfer
Digital filters (playback): n/a

File Formats


Recorded resolutions: 16M (4928×3264), (4352×3264), (3264×3264), 10M (3936×2608), (3488×2608), (2608×2608), 5M (2912×1936), (2592×1936), (1936×1936), 1M (1280×864), (1152×864), (864×864) + 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480
Quality levels: RAW, RAW +, L (Large), M (Medium), S (Small), XS (Xtra Small)
File formats: RAW (DNG), RAW +, JPG (EXIF 2.3), DCF 2.0 compliant, DPOF, PIM III
Color space: sRGB, AdobeRGB

Custom Functions


Recorded resolutions / (FPS): VGA 640x480p (30/25/24), 720p (30/50/60), 1080p (30/25/24) 
Quality levels: Fixed
File formats (compression): MPEG4 AVC/H.264
Sound: WAV (PCM), Monaural
Shutter speed: 1/2000 to 1/60

Effect Mode: Black&White,B&W(TE),High Contrast B&W,Cross Process,Positive Film,Bleach Bypass, Retro,Miniaturize,High Key
Digital filters (capture): (see Effect Mode)
Interval movie: n/a
Movie editing functions: Clip Movie File, Save still image from movie

Computer Requirements


WINDOWS: Windows 8(32bit/64bit / Windows 7(32bit/64bit)/ Windows Vista(32bit/64bit)/ Windows XP(SP3 or later, Home/Pro 32bit)
・Installation requires administrator rights
・Can be run as a 32-bit application on any 64-bit Edition of Windows
Mac: MacOS X 10.8/10.7 / 10.6 / 10.5

External mini viewfinder (GV-2)*

Mounted on hot shoe. Includes 28mm equivalent frame in the 35mm format incorporating 1:1 aspect ratio marks. Includes case.


External viewfinder (GV-1)*

Mounted on hot shoe. Includes 21mm and 28mm equivalent frames in the 35mm format. Includes case.

External TTL flash

This external flash can do TTL flash using pre-flash. When the wide-angle diffuser panel is used, a coverage angle equivalent to 18mm is possible. Uses four AA batteries.



Wide-angle conversion lens

0.75x wide conversion lens. Takes 21mm equivalent in the 35mm format Hood and Adapter are also required to use this lens. Includes case.

Soft Case

A compact leather camera case with a belt loop attached. The camera cannot be put in the case when an external viewfinder is mounted.


This case can be left attached to the bottom of the camera and still allows shooting. There are loops for a strap, making this a case compatible with high-speed shooting. (Strap sold separately)




Rechargeable Battery

A lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Hood and adapter

Set includes a hood to prevent sunlight from hitting the lens and an adapter for use when attaching diameter 49mm general-purpose filters, etc.

Cable switch

This is a cable switch to operate the camera shutter. This switch can do both half-press and one-push.

Neck strap

Genuine leather, Two-point neck strap with GR logo.

Neck strap

Two-point neck strap. Identical to GS-3 but incorporating an embroidered RICOH logo.

Hand strap

Genuine leather, with GR logo.

AC adapter

Used to supply power to camera from a household electrical outlet. Please use in situations such as when transferring images to a PC, when doing playback for a long period, etc.

Battery charger

A charger exclusively for the DB-60/DB-65 rechargeable battery.

HDMI Cable

Use to connect to an HDMI-enabled TV.

AV Cable

Used to connect your camera to a television.

* Hood and adapter (GH-3) are required to use a filter (49mm dia.). For details on filters, inquire with each manufacturer.
* When using an external viewfinder along with a conversion lens or hood, vignetting becomes stronger.
* When using a conversion lens or hood, the camera’s built-in flash cannot be used.
* A hood and adapter are required to use a wide-angle conversion lens.
* External TTL flashes (GF-1) will not fire when using [Interval Composite] and [Interval Shooting].
* GR Digital hood and adapter (GH-1/GH-2), wide-angle conversion lens (GW-1/GW-2), teleconversion lens (GT-1), cable switch (CA-1), and soft case (GC-3/GC-4) cannot be used.