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The PENTAX Viewfinder O-VF1 for Q-series cameras is the perfect accessory for framing an image in the brightest of sunlight when viewing an LCD screen is traditionally a challenge.

The O-VF1 47mm Viewfinder from Pentax is an auxiliary viewfinder for the Pentax Q camera that's ideal for framing an image in bright sunlight, when viewing on the LCD screen can sometimes be a challenge. The O-VF1 has an angle of view (49.5°) compatible with the 8.5mm (similar to 47mm in the 35mm format) standard prime lens for the Q camera. It mounts directly to the hotshoe of the camera for quick image and video composition.

      Large, easily viewable rangefinder.

      Image area composition lines represent the dimensions of the resulting image.

    High quality, all-glass design.
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