HD DA 35mmF2.8 Macro Limited

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This macro lens has a natural angle of view close to the naked eye and can also be used as a standard lens. The FREE (fixed rear element extension) focusing system is used to provide high-quality images from the infinity end to macro distances. Closeups up to a maximum of 1:1 (1X) are possible.

This lens uses the new-generation multicoating "HD Coating" that reduces the reflection rate in the visible spectrum up to 50% or more than conventional multicoating. This enables the reduction of flare and ghosting for the shooting of clear, high-contrast images even under backlighting and other adverse conditions.A new round iris diaphragm is used to enable rendering of soft round out-of-focus (bokeh) effect for illumination, shimmering on water surfaces, and other point light sources.The FREE (fixed rear element extension) focusing system is used to correct various types of aberrations from the close distances to the infinity end and to produce images with low distortion.Enables working distance of approximately 3cm from the lens front surface (at 1:1 photography).Retractable sliding hood is included that can be stored out of the way.SP (super protect) coating for protecting the lens front surface from water and dirtQuick-Shift Focus System for enabling manual focus operation after focusing by AF without any switching operation.

Type           Macro
Focal length (Equivalent to 35mm format)           35mm(53.5mm)
Maximum apeture           F2.8
Minimum apeture           F22
Angle of View           44°
Lens construction           9 elements / 8 groups
No. of diaphragm blades           9
Closest focusing distance           0.139m
Maximum reproduction ratio           1.00x
Filter size           49mm
Diameter x length           63 x 46.5 mm
Weight           214g

Compatible Converters

A1.4X-S / A2X-S
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