Optics Technology

PENTAX Lens Coating Technology

Bringing together technology cultivated through the development of a wide variety of cameras and lenses, PENTAX binoculars have been seeing the world since 1938. Experience the clarity made possible by trusted optical performance and revolutionary coating techniques.

Full multi-coating on all models
Full multi-coating increases light transmission while preventing flare and ghosting. All models of PENTAX binoculars have these coatings on all lens surfaces and prism incident light surfaces. From the compact U series to our flagship Z series, you can select your binoculars with confidence.
New coatings for even greater light transmittance
On premium models, design properties have been enhanced and new coatings with the latest film-deposition technology adopted. Transmittance in the visible light range has been dramatically improved through the effective coating of lens and prism surfaces.

Light transmittance comparison for models with 
full multi-coating and multi-coating

Light transmittance comparison for models with full multi-coating and multi-coating

  New full multi-coating (UP 8 × 21)
  Past multi-coating (8 × 21 UCF - R)

Coatings protect lens outer surfaces from water and oil
Protective coatings have also been applied to objective and ocular lens surfaces that can be inadvertently touched during use. Oil and water droplets and other soiling can be easily wiped away.
(Z series and some S series models)

With water/oil protective coatingWithout water/oil protective coating

Easily cleaned with light wiping